Going paleo will change your life, one of those changes will be learning to cook.
That’s where we come in…

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What we do

We are an educational and instructional site. Meaning that not only do we give you recipes to follow, but we provide in depth skills, training, and details that are hard to come by on the “Internets.”

One of our goals is to take a complete beginner and instill in them the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to take care of all their meals and cooking needs.

We are also working with people already skilled in the kitchen to provide tips, creative recipes and meal planing, in order to take their abilities to the next level.

We organize our content into recipes & comprehensive series for each topic. These are detailed and thorough enough to be a book or website on their own. We’re not messing around here:
We will make you a better home chef!

Why we do it

Two things really.

1) We see the need to teach cooking skills, concepts, and meal planning to absolute beginners.

2) We believe that the culinary possibilities for a paleo diet are far beyond what is commonly found online;
we want to explore those possibilities.

Giving back

As our way of supporting causes that we believe in, we are donating 20% of proceeds from sales on this site to the organizations listed on the side bar. At the time of purchase you can choose which organization you would like the donation to go to.